Generation Centraide



“When you’re a lone mother, it’s sometimes difficult, so you have to go open doors to find help, even if there’s always a little pride. At the Carrefour Familial Hochelaga, there’s a real group dynamic. The people don’t judge you, don’t point at you, don’t laugh at you. So I started doing theatre with them, and it helped me become a lot more sociable. I also got back to high school. And eventually I realized that I was even good at school, and that I even had a great artistic side. For a year or two, I’ve been listening more to myself, following my instinct more. I’m trying to help my son so that he doesn’t have to face intimidation, doesn’t follow the same path, and especially doesn’t drop out of school. And today, I can look someone in the eyes.”

Portrait taken at the Carrefour Familial Hochelaga, a Centraide supported agency, by Portraits de/of Montréal as part of Génération Centraide’s “52 portraits. 52 realities” series. The interview originally took place in French.