Generation Centraide



When I was little, I didn’t understand why some people were starting from birth with more ease than others. I wanted to create associations for children, I wanted to do humanitarian work! This idea of ​​giving people the chance to seek help if they need it has always lived in me. I got my bachelor’s in psychology, but for me it lacked a social dimension, these ties with all the spheres of a person’s life, and that’s when I discovered social work. Adolescents and young adults, it became my crush

When you’re at the margins of a society, you define yourself in relation to it, you can’t be totally excluded or invisible. Street kids are not invisible, but they bother, some people anyway. Sometimes we focus on their difficulties, because some have run away from home, others have spent some time in the street, but when we take someone as a whole… If a youngster tells me that he wants to commit suicide, it’s my job to avoid that, but it’s beyond that job, I really care about those young people. They all have strengths, abilities, and beautiful thoughts on life; they’re wonderful people.”


Portrait taken at En Marge 12-17, a Centraide supported agency, by Portraits de/of Montréal as part of Génération Centraide’s “52 portraits. 52 realities” series. The interview originally took place in French.