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... members who, just like you, are devoted to reduce social inequality in Greater Montreal
« I grew up in the suburbs of Paris, where social inequality is striking. Some young people have to work a hundred times harder to improve their lives. When I see the same situation in Montreal neighbourhoods, I want to do my part to ensure that youth in these communities grow up with hope for a better life. »
Nassim, Gen C member
« When I moved to another country, I understood what it meant to be socially isolated. This experience made me realize that people in my own city also feel the same way and that surely, we could do something to help them… »
Laurence, Gen C member
« Small contributions put together can really help people who need it the most, newly arrived immigrants and people with financial difficulties among others. All together, we can make our community a whole lot better for us and future generations. »
Reda, Gen C member
« I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head and enough food to eat. I wanted to do my part to help people in Montreal who struggle to meet these basic needs. When I heard about the Generation Centraide movement, I immediately wanted to join. Let’s talk about it to everyone! »
Viviane, Gen C member
« We'd love to know why YOU want to give back to your community. »

… a story

Our story is about a socially conscious group who wanted to change things in their own way by getting together with other motivated young people to help reduce inequality in Greater Montreal. We all wondered what we could do to get people concerned about the well-being of their neighbourhood, community, and city. After much thought, we realized we already had the answer: getting people to come together. Whether for an event or a cause we care about, the act of joining forces, talking about major projects, and celebrating small victories allows us to be that much more open to others.

Generation Centraide provides a ton of information about your community and the people who live there. Neighbourhood events, volunteer work, talks, and free show tickets are all opportunities that Generation Centraide gives you to spend time with people who care as much about changing things as you do. What’s the cost to join our gang and get these perks? Just 2 bucks a month!

We make sure your twoonie does as much good as possible, as Centraide invests this money where needs are greatest in Greater Montreal to reduce inequality and ensure that everyone has an equal chance to succeed. Not bad for the price of a pack of gum, eh?


... a positive impact in your community
Over the year, your $2/month mean
a collective
kitchen workshop for
5 people
who will bring back home their meals
for the week
Over the year, your $2/month mean
pre-reading activities in French for
2 immigrant
with their parents
Over the year, your $2/month mean
A hot meal for
16 people in need
+ meeting an
on-site community worker
... a dedicated volunteer team
Those are the awesome guys we mentioned earlier! Thanks to their hard work, Generation Centraide is growing and we're offering you new perks month after month, on top of having a positive impact in our community!
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