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Fighting Food Insecurity, So That No One Has To Choose


Most of us have experienced having to make sacrifices in order to save our money up for something that we really wanted. We might have skipped a few morning runs to Starbucks, or opted out of having an extra drink on Friday night, so that we can afford buying the coveted latest version of iPhone, or that summer trip to Cuba.

But what if we were forced to scramble, save and sacrifice in order to be able to afford basic essentials like food or shelter?

Sadly 200,000 Montrealers face an impossible choice. Do they use their hard earned pay-cheque at the end of the month to pay for rent, or buy essential groceries?

For the hundreds of thousands of Montrealers, whose income is simply not enough to be able to afford both, the monthly budget goes to rent and bills first, and whatever is left (which is often not much) goes to groceries.  This is called food insecurity and more Montrealers suffer from it each year.

We at Génération C believe that no one should be forced to buy fewer groceries, eat less food, lack nutrition, or starve themselves so that their children can eat and have a roof over themselves.

That’s why we aim to tackle food insecurity at its roots by supporting 83 agencies whose mission it is to promote the food self sufficiency of individuals and families. These 83 agencies fight food insecurity head on, by teaching people how to cook collectively at a lower cost, to grow food in a collective garden, how to budget better, providing community meals, diversifying diets by teaching new recipes, and helping them pool resources to save money on purchases.

We don’t want to hear any more stories of mothers going to work on empty stomachs so that their kids can start their school day with a balanced breakfast, or stories of individuals lacking nutrition so that they can afford to have a roof over their heads this winter.

That’s why Centraide has committed to an annual donation of 4 million dollars that goes directly to the agencies that are equipped to fight food insecurity.

We can’t do it alone, but we can do it together, and every little bit helps.


Written by Despina Doukas
Photo: Everypixel