Generation Centraide



“I left home when I was 16-17. We were often arguing with my mother, the conflicts were really unbearable, and that day she just told me to leave. It was like a challenge for me, so I rose up to it. Usually, young people go home after a week or two, but after six months, it wasn’t a solution for me anymore. You come back once, twice, and at the third time you know it’s useless. I multiplied the shelters, the jobs, and today I’m back in high school trying to finish it. My dream would be to live from my music. That’s plan A. Otherwise I’d like to continue my studies; go to college, university, and become an English teacher to teach anywhere in the world.”

Portrait taken at En Marge 12-17, a Centraide supported agency, by Portraits de/of Montréal as part of Génération Centraide’s “52 portraits. 52 realities” series. The interview originally took place in French.