Generation Centraide



“I’m a Montrealer, of Haitian parents, and working here allows me to better understand what my parents have experienced as immigrants. I see it through the children, who immediately get used to the Quebec culture, while the parents are still in mourning of what they’ve left. There are many challenges to rise to when you arrive, but your children are pushing you forward, not to stay in your corner. We see a lot of small achievements here: children who start to speak French, to socialize, who get more quickly into the educational system… It’s also a break for the parents who are looking for work or returning to school, and for me it’s also the time to fall back into childhood, and to put aside the adult’s burden. I could’ve been an educator who points the finger, but I like to dance and jump with them!”

Portrait taken at the Baobab Familial, a Centraide supported agency, by Portraits de/of Montréal as part of Génération Centraide’s “52 portraits. 52 realities” series. The interview originally took place in French.