Generation Centraide

A unique way to reduce inequality in your community

You can also make a one-time donation!

Do you want to help reduce social inequality without necessarily becoming a member? You can always make a one-time gift! Whether you give $2, $5, or $10, every donation matters! Just think: with $1, someone in need can attend a themed dinner, get enough to eat, and enjoy some conversation. Imagine what we can achieve if we all come together, with any amount we’re able to spare!
With just a few clicks, you can make a difference in the day—and the lives!—of many people.

Your first click starts HERE.

Your donation supports concrete actions that :

  • Support youth success
  • Take care of the essentials
  • Break social isolation
  • Build caring communities
Long story short, your generosity helps achieve greater social equality in Greater Montreal. Thank you!
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